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Bathroom switches

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I have three sets of wires coming into my bathroom wall! One set is newer with a black wire, white, and ground. The other two sets of wires are older and only have one black wire and one white wire each! They were wired to two switches which controlled a vanity light, a bath fan, and another light over the shower. One of the switches was a plug in/switch combo! I have two new switches, but I do not know how to rewire them! The original set up had most of the wires connected to one switch with a piece of wire used as a jumper to power the other switch! If you can understand what I'm saying, then you know my dilemma! Please help! How do I rewire all of this safely?
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Black from the lights to each switch, whites all tied together with white from the panel. The black from the panel, will need three lengths of wire to allow you to power the bottom screw of the switches, so you have power to the lights & fan.
Except he has three light and three cable so there is no power from from the panel. Sounds like three switch loops and the receptacle will not work.

In order to confirm this you need to open up each light fixture and tell us all the connections in them without taking anything apart.
Just caught that, in that case, scratch what I said.
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