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bathroom switch

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i ran a new light in the bathroom and would like to run a separate switch for it. The existing switch only has two wires, i think that is called a switch loop. Is it possible to wire the second switch to power the switch & light off the original switch? And if so, I'd appreciate your patience and instructions. Thanks
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Gerry, Are you wired by NM cable or through a conduit?
With a flashlight look in the switch box to see where the wires enter the box and report back on:
Type of insulation on each wire: cloth or plastic
Color of wires
Where wires enter the box are they individual
or do they enter as a pair with an outer plastic sheath?
its a white covered wire, with a black and a white wire and the ground of course
there is only that one wire in the wall and connected to the original switch
You can't use the wire at the switch as a power source for your new light. You will need to find a power source and bring it to your new light or your new switch.
there is an outlet on the back wall, can i use that

You can bring power to the switch/light two different ways.

Run 2 wire cable, sized the same as in the outlet:

A) From the outlet to the switch, to the light.

B) From the outlet to the light, to the switch.

A) outlet box, color to color. Sw box, whites together, blacks to switch, light box, color to color

B) Outlet box, color to color, light box, incoming black to outgoing white. Incoming white to fixture white. Outgoing black to fixture black. Sw box, black and white to switch (switck loop)
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thanks, i'll give that a try
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