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bathroom sink pressure issue.

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hello everyone. my fiance and i just bought a house about a year ago now. its an older home built in 1902 and even though it makes weird noises and isnt our dream home, its ours. anyways, when we bought the home the bathroom downstairs wasnt quite finished. it had been drywalled, the shower and the toilet were installed. we still needed to lay the tile flooring, finish the drywall, and hook up the sink. well we bought a pedastal sink because it was such a small bathroom it only made sense. i ran all the plumbing myself by tieing into a hot water line and cold water line that ran close to where i needed the lines. installed the faucet on the sink and it worked great. everything was ok in there for probably 6 months. this past winter when it got really cold out the pressure went WAY down in the bathroom and we lost all water in the kitchen. i figured that the pipes had frozen because they are the only lines that are in a spot that isnt insualated/heated under the house. so i got under the house into the crawl space, nothing busted so i said screw it and waited for a warmer day. well about 2 or 3 days later we had our regular water pressure back in the kitchen, but the bathroom was still just barely there. well, its still like that. im wondering if maybe something could have gotten broke in the faucet to stop the water from coming out at full pressure. is that possible? im really kinda lost/frustrated about this. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
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i havent done anything yet, where is the aerator located at? i was just posting on here to get some ideas before i dove into it. we have 2 bathrooms so its not a big deal if nobody can use this one. having been in much of a hurry for that reason, lol.
wonderful. i took it apart and it was caked with junk. cleaned it all out and it works just like new :D. thanks for the help!
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