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Bathroom sink overflow

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Hi - I have a bathroom sink that is one piece - counter and sink together. Recently, the overflow tube to the sink came loose. It consisys of a plastic piece glued to the outside of the sink, connected to a rubber hose to the drain pipe. I tried to glue it back, with no luck, since it's being glued to a quartz (i believe) sink. I've attached two pictures of the overflow drain. You can see the pip through the hole. Currently, I have some wood holding the plastic piece in place, but it;s definitely not watertight.

And an added question, can I get some other solution to this problem, such as a piece that goes from the sink side to the outside of the sink, so I don't need to glue it?

Thanks so much.


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Instead of glue, try some clear silicon to hold it in place. Put a bead around the gap as well, let it dry for 24 hours, then remove piece of wood, see if it helps. Just a suggestion.

As far as your other question, post a couple pictures of the whole sink and set-up. Thanks.

Thanks. I'll try that next. I'll also try and post pictures of the sink tomorrow.
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Epoxy worked

I wound up putting some two-part epoxy on it to hold it in place, and running some clear silicone on the inside of the overflow, to be sure that it sealed.

Thanks for all the help!!
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