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Bathroom sink overflow

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Hi - I have a bathroom sink that is one piece - counter and sink together. Recently, the overflow tube to the sink came loose. It consisys of a plastic piece glued to the outside of the sink, connected to a rubber hose to the drain pipe. I tried to glue it back, with no luck, since it's being glued to a quartz (i believe) sink. I've attached two pictures of the overflow drain. You can see the pip through the hole. Currently, I have some wood holding the plastic piece in place, but it;s definitely not watertight.

And an added question, can I get some other solution to this problem, such as a piece that goes from the sink side to the outside of the sink, so I don't need to glue it?

Thanks so much.


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Instead of glue, try some clear silicon to hold it in place. Put a bead around the gap as well, let it dry for 24 hours, then remove piece of wood, see if it helps. Just a suggestion.

As far as your other question, post a couple pictures of the whole sink and set-up. Thanks.
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