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bathroom renos

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im going to use cedar T&G for the bathroom walls and ceiling. my plans are to use 1/4" plywood sheeting to cover walls first then vapour barrier with plastic .152mm and then slap up the cedar T&G vertical. do i really need to plastic the walls and ceiling since the nails are going to puncture it anyways or am i doing the whole thing wrong?:huh:
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I question the wisdom of your plan in general. Bathrooms are very damp places, even well ventilated. Cedar won't rot as readily as other woods, but it will suck up a lot of that moisture. Bathroom are usually small. and cedar is dark, so that will make a small room seem even smaller. But if you must, definitely install a moisture barrier under the cedar.
might switch it up

well Just Bill, i really wanted to do something different, but it doesnt sound like a good idea now. Too much moisture scares me, and i dont want to hear a fan going for hours after showering. It sounds like my wife one this one, drywall is just boring though and tiling the whole thing will look kinda tooo much. thanx for the reply.
Aren't sauna's built with cedar?

But I think it's elevated away from surfaces so that it can "dry"
well scuba dave, i'll look into that sauna thing because i really want that cedar in there. a buddy suggested vapour barrier, cement board then cedar.hmmmmm
If you have proper ventilation in the area, there's no reason you can't use cedar. I did one for a customer several years ago with cedar and she put a 4'x4' stained glass window over the jacuzzi tub. It had a vaulted ceiling (left it drywall and painted white) with a skylight so there was plenty of natural light. The existing exhaust fan was upgraded to one that moved more air and a couple of can lights added for more light at night. Hung the cedar right over the drywall. I've been back several times for other work and it still looks great.....
thanx for all the responses

you betcha, its going in .

if this is really wet application, might these ones will work just a thought :whistling2:
Just from a curiousity on this project (was just reading through some posts), why would you install the cedar over drywall and not green board, purple board or even cement board?
i was wondering about the cement board option as well, then i was told that if the ventilation was good enough not to worry, we will see
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