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I am jumping into a DIY bathroom reno project. Running into an issue with the light fixture and how the electrical is setup. I don't think it's over my head but I don't want to move forward before bouncing it off a few people. I can afford to bring in someone experienced but I'd much rather handle myself for the self-fulfillment if possible.

Here is a picture of where it's at: The hole on the right is where the old light fixture was hooked up. The hole on the left is where I want it to be.

There is a layer of drywall with a layer of plywood behind it. There doesn't seem to be a stud between where it was and where I want it to be. However, the current wiring does not appear long enough (giving it a decent tug and there's no give to it) to reach the new spot.

What I want to do, is saw out fitted holes for junction boxes at the location of both holes. The junction box on the right will allow me to extend the wiring safely in a forever-accessible manner which I can cap up and mostly hide with paint. The left box will house the box corresponding to the new light fixture. I can then feed the new wiring behind the plywood to the hole on the left and should be all set.

Does this seem to make sense? Should I be okay moving forward with this plan, or am I missing something that would prevent this from being an adequate solution? Many thanks for the help!
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