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Hi again. I introduced myself in the welcome section. Now I need get on with it and start this project.

My plan is to completely redo my master bath. It is a small bath 4x8 including the shower stall. The floors and shower are tiled. My plan is to gut all the way to the studs, replace rotten subfloor, replace toilet, vanity/sink, retile shower (replace pan) and to put tile in from floor to ceiling. I will also replace the window (energy efficient). The house was built in 1979 approx. The tile was set in concrete on the floor, no wooden subfloor, not sure about the shower yet.

Why do I want to gut it all? Mildew, mold, and rotten everything else. I have not used this bathroom in over a year. So if it takes me 6 months to redo, I havn't lost anything.

I need to work things in my mind first and visualize how it should go. My question is the sequence of events. What comes first. Once I have that laid out, I can proceed. However, I have already done some demo and will need to get started soon, before the critters come up from the floor. Yes, I removed some of the tile and concrete and hit daylight.

So here is my sequences as I have worked it in my mind, please offer advice and any suggestions.

1. Remove, toilet, vanity.(after shutting off H2O)
2. Remove shower tile, down to pan.
3. Demo down to studs.
4. Inspect wiring and plumbing (have professional fix both, to code)
5. Remove floor tile/concrete/ shower pan.
6. Remove window
7. Start remodel- Start with sub floor and window- Same day.
May need to sister a couple of joists, won't know until I get under there.
8. Install ventilation fan
9. Have shower pan built. (son-in-law)
10 Tack roofing paper to studs
11 Backerboard to walls and subfloor. No sheet rock. Why don't you put walls up snug to the floor. Should there be a very small gap?
12 Tile shower, shower pan Which one first, the pan or the shower walls?. Then tile floor and walls. Which comes first? Do I tile the walls first or the floor. How do I join the two?
13. Replace toilet and vanity.
14. Fixtures.

See 14 easy steps, yeah right. I am sorry this is so long, but I would appreciate all input.

Thanks again.


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The drywall does not go all the way to the floor because it will "wick" water and deteriorate if there is any type of "flood". On a standard 8' wall, the studs are cut 93-5/8" long and there is a single bottom plate and double top plate making the walls actually 97-1/8" tall. Hang the ceiling first and you end up with 96-5/8". The drywall either laid down or stood up is only 96", leaving the NECESSARY gap at the bottom. As a rule, it is common to tile a shower from the floor up.......

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Get the fan there before the electrician, or have him supply it.

BJ, your math doesn't work for me...........LOL. Be safe, G

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You're right GBAR, that should have been 92-5/8" for the stud length. I need "math check" as well as "spell check" I guess....
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