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Bathroom Light & Fan Switches

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Just almost Finished re-modeling my Bathroom and "Thought" I hooked the wires back up the way they were, but I guess I was wrong!!!

Here's what I have:
A Double Plug Receptacle on the left of the Box. It has a 3-Wire bundle coming into it. Black, White, and Copper. It is hooked up and works great!

A double Switch on the right of the Box. The switch has 2 Black Screws on one side that say "Common" and 2 Gold Screws on the other side labeled A1 and B1. I then have 2, 3-wire bundles coming into the box and a 4-wire bundle that has black, white, red, and copper.

The switches will control a vanity light above my mirror, a ceiling light and a separate exhaust fan. All 3 Copper/Ground wires are bundled together and grounded to the switch. All 3 White Wires are wire-nutted together. I believe I know which black wire is the Hot Wire.

So... My question is: How do I wire this thing together? Does the black Hot Wire go to the Black Screw? Why is there a bundle of wires with a red in it???
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OK... To add to the above. The Hot Wire is the black wire that is bundled with the white, red, and copper wire. I hooked this hot wire to the black screw (Common) on the switch and hooked the other 2 black wires to the silver screws. Now, the Vanity light works with one switch but the ceiling light and exhaust fan do nothing! I checked both switches and I have power at both the black and silver screws when the switches are on... Any thoughts???
Fixed It

Nevermind! I kept playing with it and got it fixed!
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