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Bathroom In Floor Heat

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I have done a good amount of remodeling, but this is the first time I will be installing in floor heat. I plan on covering the wires in self level concrete before I tile.

My question is: whether to go with the mat system or just go with the wire without the mat?

I have a pretty basic "L" layout that is approximately 40 sq ft with the electric coming out in the middle, back of the "L". What I am looking for is the simplest way even if more time consuming. I have Durock mortared and screwed to two layers of subfloor.

I am leaning to the wire over the mat. I question whether the mat will lay completely flat for pouring self leveler when you are cutting and turning. It seems to me that laying the wire with the grids is much simpler and you can space house you need to fit the space.

Any recommendations from people who have done this? I was looking at SunTouch. Any recommendations?

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I have used both, they work equally well. I usually go by which is cheaper for the space I want to do.

The only thing I would suggest is to put in multiple floor sensors. I have bad luck with them and they tend to go bad so it is nice to have back ups in place.
Ditra is a good one like Chris mentioned
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