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Bathroom Glass Shelf Mounting Options

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I've got a pedestal sink in a full bath which leaves absolutely no place to set things down, not even by the power outlets. Since recently repainting the room, I am reevaluating the setup of the bath accessories. With the current placement of the mirror relative to the tiles on the wall, there isn't space to mount a shelf on to the drywall portion above the sink. I could get a tile bit and mount it on the tiles, but I would prefer not to make holes in the tile.

That being said, are there any, more economical options similar to this?
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I have a 1/4" tile bit with me but I'm unsure which type of anchor I need for the holes I've drilled. I have these lead shields - are they the right type for the job?
I ended up using plastic anchors and got the shelf mounted.

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