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Bathroom fans, heating, etc

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Looking for some advice, maybe from someone who does a lot of remodeling or designing.

I currently have a bathroom that is fairly small in size and only has a single vanity light and an overhead exhaust fan. In the future I would like to do two things to this batroom, add some natural lighting and add some sort of method of heating the batroom.

For the natural lighting I plan to replace the current exhaust fan with a solatube with integrated bath fan, see under accessories.

But that leaves me with a small dillema of heat since the solatube doesn't have a built in heater like many other vent fans you can get. So I have a few options, go to a plain solatube and add another vent with integrated fan and heat into the cieling or keep the solatube with the exhaust vent and add just an electric heater to the cieling, or finally I could just duct in a small vent off my furnace into the bathroom which wouldn't be a lot of work since my furnace is in the attic and happens to be about three feet from the bathroom. The downside to the furnace hook in would be that I would only have heat in the bathroom when the heat is running in the rest of the house.

Anyone have any tips as to which approach might be better? Or anything I haven't thought of?

And I just realized there is a kitchen and bath remodel sub forum.. don't I feel dumb.
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lofar--Depending on your budget, have you seen anything on the electric mesh materials that are designed for baths? You indicated that this is a small bath so you would not be looking at a large amount of this. My sister had this put in their Master Bath about three years ago, about a 600 sq. ft. bath at that. It was placed right into the tile mortar and the floor tile set on top. It has it's own t'stat, and the voltage to the mesh material is cut down from 110/220 to a DC voltage to comply with NEC. It's not Wal-Mart priced for sure, but worth it in the long run. I'm sure an Internet search would bring up some info on this. Just a thought to help, David
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