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Energy, noise, and heat loss, but otherwise no problem :).
There is also the issue of make-up air as you will need more air coming in with a larger fan.

If you are addressing moisture on the walls, consider a low flow shower head that has a volume adjustment at the head. I find they work well at reducing the total amount of hot water used and thus the amount of steam.

of course I'm more successful at controlling the steam now that mu daughters are out on their own.

The other item you might consider is a delayed-off switch. these are used to keep the fan running for a preset time after you exit.


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Re: 2ea. Bathroom venting

Nah not going to beat the ventilation dog again, but here is a twist ?

Remodeled both baths in my condo. Both vented to the outside
separately with metal duct above in attic. I disassembled ducts,
installed insulation sleeves to all tubes. (condensation issue)
Now picture a big "Y",. . top is from baths which now meet at a wye, combining into one duct, travel 15ft. as one then go to the
outside thru exhaust flapper.
installed additional baffles at inlets to wye, to reduce possible siphon,
and vacuum. (overkill that's me)
Anyway, I have now connected two baths to a trunk line.
LEGAL? ?? Code says ??
I've seen motels feed to a common trunk line of the same size.
I snitched the one, now extra duct to handle a kit hood vent! :devil3:

I'm in Michigan . . . . . . and its snowing !
whats the verdict?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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