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Bathroom Crown Molding

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I would like to install 3" Crown Molding in our bath. I will be installing a larger than needed exhaust fan.
Even with the fan, this location tends to be a high moisture area at times.
What type of material should the molding be or not be made of ?
I will use a good sealer/paint and use mildew resistant caulk.

Thanks for any advise.
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they do make a plastic or polyfoam crown. the big orange place carries some of it
I would avoid MDF trim. MDF swells with moisture. PVC or similar plastic would probably be the best choice. Think that foam would hold moisture and tend to promote mold growth. I have poplar trim on my bathroom, but primed and 2 coats of paint on the back side as well as the front. Been a little over 7 years since I put it up and no issues so far. Do have high CFM fan and we are religious about running the fan at least 15 minutes after done showering. Get a timer for the fan if you don't have one already.
a pvc crown would work or a good stain grade crown without finger joists in it.
clear pine is the most economical. .the foam stuff needs to be glued and nailed really well because its so flexilble, typically sets of 3 nails every 8-12"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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