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Bathroom Ceiling

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Hi all

This is my first post here so I would really appreciate any advice from the experts!

The ceiling area above my shower periodically suffers from moldy black spots. Usually I just gently wipe the affected area using a mixture of warm water and bleech. This works for a while before the spots come back again.

Can you give me a better way of managing this problem? What steps should I follow and are there specific products I should think about using? The ceiling is stippled and painted white, I have not painted it since we moved in 3 years ago.

Thanks for reading this posting, if you have any tips I would really appreciate it!

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Others are more expert than I, but my first thought was: Does your bathroom have a working exhaust fan, and does your family use it when they shower? Removing the moisture as best you can from the room is the first step. If you use the fan, try running it longer, or maybe upgrading the fan if it's undersized.

You can add mold inhibiting products to paint, if you're willing to repaint the ceiling. Any paint store will have it, and will add it for you when they mix the paint. Apply a good primer/sealer before painting.

Beyond that, if simpler fixes don't work, I would think you'd be into 'replace the ceiling' territory, involving perhaps some of the new paperless products that resist mold better than regular drywall.
Welcome to the forum. What do you call a guy with no arms and legs infont of a door?

As RDS mentioned a good vent fan can help in a bathroom. (Fart Fan) If you don't want to go through mixing anything in your paint, the Kitchen & Bath paints already have a mildicide in them and they self prime so they should stick to just about anything.
Hi Mathew,

First off, correcting your moisture problem is very important. Whether you remove the mold or not, it will likely return if you do still have a moisture issue. Second, water and bleach will clean the mold, but it does not kill the mold spores. That is why the mold keeps growing back. The only thing that is certified to kill the mold and spores is an EPA registered fungicide. Professional mold removal services know this and are required to follow strict regulations created by the EPA. I recommend a product called Sanosil Mold and Mildew. Its EPA approved, and worked wonders in my bathroom. You can buy it at The best part is, it doesn't smell and the mold does not return. (follow the user instructions in the box)
Best of luck to you - Meg
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