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Bathroom Ceiling Installation

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Before I get started I wanted to make sure I'm installing the sheetrock on my bathroom ceiling correctly. The ceiling is 24" OC and I'm going to use 5/8" sheetrock. From earlier posting I've decided not to use greenboard on the ceiling because it's less rigid and be more likely to sag. There is an exhaust fan in the bathroom

I also understand that I don't have to run strips perpendicular to the rafters because I'm using 5/8 sheetrock.

Can you confirm what I'm doing before I get started?

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This will work fine. I would suggest using Zinsser's Perma White paint to finish this ceiling. You can tint it to any color. But as a self priming solution you will get active fungicide in all three coats allowing a much longer protection period to prevent mold.
Adequate ventilation is the key, no matter what thickness of drywall you use. If it it absorbs enough moisture it will sag. You might want to replace/upgrade the fan while the ceiling is open if it's an older model...
On a side note: 5/8" moisture board is readily available in my area.:thumbsup:
Ignore that. Someone had another question posted but must have come back and deleted it.
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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