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Bathroom and Trim Paint

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I'm working on painting a bathroom, living room, and bedroom. The bathroom is pretty small and tiled half way up all the walls, so it does not require much paint to refresh it. It is just a little too big to cover with a quart and way too small for a gallon, and two quarts costs the same as a gallon. I'm also tired of the growing shelf of partial paint cans in my basement.

Since I am thinking of using a similar off-white/almond color for the trim in other rooms, I'm thinking I just buy a gallon and use the same paint for the bathroom walls plus the trim in the living room, hallway and bedroom.

I really don't have a mold problem in the bathroom. A little bit appears from time to time right above the shower, but that probably has more to do with the birds nest that was in the fan exhaust duct and my less than robust cleaning schedule. I believe the paint is BM Kitchen/Bath and about six years old.

Should I go with a good quality satin paint and not worry about "bathroom" designation? Add a mildewcide to the satin for the portion used in the bathroom? Just use Kitchen & Bath paint on the trim? Does it really matter?

I'm not doing a radical color change (cream to almond) and don't have any other issues, so was not planning on priming - except for the interior doors that I will be taking from stained to painted and will be the same paint as the trim.
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I usually use a good eggshell ( like BM Regal) . All that you need.
Bj, he's trying to find a finish that will double as a bath wall/ceiling paint AND trim finish for the rest of the job, living room and bedroom.
Tev, if you don't have any moisture issues in the bath a satin will be more than enough, and for a bath it won't seem overkill. And it can double as a trim enamel for the rest. I wouldn' bother much with the mildewcide, but that's a preference and you know your situation better than I. If you use it be careful adding it to only a portion, as they are gallon servings.
Oh, right. In BM- satin would be the way to go. Id use Aura, will hold up the best, have the most wash. But can be a bit of a bugger to learn to use because of it's quick dry.
Waterborne Impervo would be another good choice.
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