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Bath Lighting Connection Box

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I have a wiring box above a large mirror in a bath. After removing the lighting fixture to remove (2) layers of wallpaper found that the 'box', don't know what its really called was found to be simply in the wall with no attachments to studs or anything? Is this correct?

How should this wiring box be attached? Sorry for not knowing the correct terms but now know why when changing the bulbs it felt somewhat loose!

What could I do to secure it as am thinking about replacing the light fixture but as it is don't think it would hold the one the wife picked out as it's quite a bit heaver than the existing fixture?



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Run down to the old big box store or hardware store and grab a round "old work box", one of those blue plastic ones will work fine. They have little ears that tighten against the back of the drywall to hold them in. Just don't use your drill to tighten them! Do it by hand.
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