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Not sure if this is the best forum, so mods please move if appropriate.

I've seen this situation more than once now, and wondering if it's to code, or even if there is code for such a thing. These bath fan ducts are exiting into a standard vent more or less like the one shown. Both ducts are just kind of stuck in there, as far as I can tell held in place by friction. It's not really even clear if the humid air would be exhausted from the vent, depending on which way the airflow in that area of the attic was blowing, since there are open holes there.

I'm replacing the cheap 3" ducts with 4" ducts for new fans, so wondering the proper way to do this. If I use those holes, I'll have to expand them with a jigsaw or something. Thanks.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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