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Bath/Bedroom Reno - with QUESTIONS!

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Got all the demo done this weekend!! Mrs E-tek was in there given 'er ****.....until the last thing on day 2: I asked her to fish something out from between the floor joists and lo-and-behold, she get's her hand STUCK!!! So at first I think she's kinda joking and it'll come right out so I snapped this photo.....

It turns out her hand was REALLY stuck!!! So I tried to pry the pipe one way, the joist the other, got her watch and glove off, put some soap on it....still it was STUCK!! So I was just pulling out the recip saw to cut her hand off - I mean cut the floor a bit....when she yanked it out!! Phew!!

The COOLEST thing ever was finding a note INSIDE one of the walls we tore down! We bought the house from the guy who built it, who's wife had since passed away. He ended up moving right across the street and we became good freinds (he also restored cars!) until, unfortunately, he passed away 2 years ago. We where definitely thinking of him when this was unearthed!!

We still know several of his children, so we're going to have it copied and framed and give them one and keep one to hang in our newly reno'd space. Of course we'll also be putting a note of our own in the wall - who knows who'll find it in 52 years!!
In this next photo, you can see where the old bathroom ended (black to Pink insulation). The new bath will now extend to the edge of the photo with a deep bubble tun and wall-in shower. The balance of that old bedroom (5') will become a walk-in closet (Mrs E-tek has LOTS of clothes!!).

This week I'll rough-in the framing and get the plumbing and electical done.

So, some questions for you experienced types (if I may!):

-Would you EVER put plumbing along an exterior wall (easy), or should I go under the floor (harder)...the tub taps will stay where they are (beside terlet), but I need to bring them, and the drain, under/beside tub to the shower.
- I have to move 2 heater outlet vents about 3 feet each. Would I just cut through the floor boards and joists to run the pipes - or is there a better way?

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Cutting the floor joists is not usually necessary--(or recommended)

It will be hard to offer a good suggestion without seeing the present location and the new ones--from under he floor.

I don't know how this post missed my eagle eye----nice work so far.and a funny story about your wifes hand.---Mike---
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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