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Im starting my basment reno and have some questions
I know most will suggest spray foam or XPS to insulate but im not, im going to use Roxul.

Question #1
Should i use Typar or Tar paper against the concrete i find so many mixed reviews on this subject
Typar's descripton is an AIR BARRIER, I dont want to create a double air barrier as im going to do a vapour barrier on the warm side will typar create a double vapour barrier?? which is a better product to use?

Question # 2

Should i build my floor first or my stud walls?
I have talked to 2 neighbors one who did studs than floor one who did floor than studs.
I can kinda see a positive by doing the floor first.
If i hang typar or tar paper from the sill plate and let it drape onto the concrete floor a bit, then build my floor the studs will be above that thus if any moisture issues arise the bottom plate shouldnt come in contact with the moisture/water and i would not need to use sill gasket or P/T studs

Any help is appreciated on this

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