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Guys-This is a very basic question--try not to laugh--and may be more of an opinion than fact. I have grouted backsplash and several bathrooms. For those, I mixed the grout and grouted all at one time. I am now doing some projects with more square footage. Furthermore, instead of the mosaics and smaller tiles I now have some larger tiles.

My questions are:
1) What is your approach to grouting a larger room? How big of a space do you grout before you decide to break it up and mix it in multiple batches?

2) Do you slop it on the floor and float it around for larger format tiles or do you use one of the "cake decorating bags" or something of that nature to apply the grout specifically to the lines?

Sorry for the very basic questions--just would rather learn from those who know rather than by trial and error if I can help it!
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