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Hey guys, got a very basic question for a project I am starting to plan out this weekend. I will be replacing the decking and railing on an existing deck.

A couple of question when it comes to railing layout.

1. Is anyone familiar with the maximum spacing for rail posts and ballister in CT? As it's the weekend I don't know where to get code info, but am awar that I must comply with 2005 CT State Building Code which consists of the 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Existing Building Code, 2003 International Plumbing Code, 2003 International Mechanical Code, 2003 International Energy Conservation Code, 2003 International Residential Code, and 2005 NFPA National Electrical Code with the 2005 CT supplements.

2. My deck is 28 x 14 feet. On one of the 14ft sides there are stairs so it would actually have about 11ft of railing. Would it be aesthetically okay to use one Rail post spacing on the 14ft faces and another on the 28ft length? What about the 2 14ft sides should each of them have a unique spacing?
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