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I'm looking for ideas on finishing my new workshop in the basement.
I have a 25'x25' poured concrete bunker under my garage with 9' ceilings. The floors, walls and ceiling are concrete. It has one support beam in the center of the room. I am limited to one opening. A door leading into the room from the furnace room. The walls are 10" thick.
My tools consist of most of the carpentry trade tools. I also do some spray painting in addition to welding and electric. I am not a contractor. Just a talanted DIY who has built one home with the help of others.
I would appreciate any ideas you may have on the layout, finish to the walls, floor and ceiling. In addition I would like to find the best way to open a hole in the wall to allow the passthrough of a drain and water for a sink in the shop.
As an artist/painter would say "I have a clean canvas to start with". All ideas are welcome.

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That is a large workshop! Wish mine was that big! :)
Mine is part of my mechanical room, having approx. dimensions
of 15 x 18.
One thing I did, is put up 5/8 plywood on all the walls.
I just love how clean, and efficient it is. I'm always screwing things to the wall, and moving them around, and this gives me a great feel to the area.
So if drywall is not your thing, and your afraid to dent it while working,
this is my suggestion!

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Hi, welcome to the forum.

Check with your local Building Department, please. You need egress ( emergency escape), from bedrooms and basements with habitable space. (usable) Under the current codes (minimum), you need a second, stable, means of escape to the exterior.

If your basement has this, great. Also ask them about natural light (8%) needed, and natural ventilation or forced supplied to this room.
Be safe, G
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