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Hello Helpers

I am new to this site and read many postings but need some suggestion and help. Thanks in advance for your time for replying to this posting and suggesting new ideas.

I am finishing my basement with help from friends. We have finished the framing and now ready to do electrical work. My basement is 9 ft high and I am doing, one large gathering room, a full bath with Saniflow Plus unit and 10x13 storage. I have four open slots in my 200 amp main box. I like to do the following

20 outlets
14 Recessed Lights
7 Florescent 2x2 lights
Plus 20 amp circuit for full bath

1. I am planning to divide the electrical work in four 15 AMP circuits: colored – Red, Blue, Purple and Green. Since I only have four open slots and need five breakers, can I add a dual 15 AMP breaker which will take a same space as a single breaker?
2. I am planning to keep outlets at 18 inch height from ground, how high shall I drill holes in 2x4 studs to pass the wire from one stud to next?
3. Can just use 14/2 wire for all my work and 12/2 wire for bathroom work?
4. When I run wire from the outlets to a main circuit breaker, do I need to run wire all the way up to the ceiling then straight to breaker on side of the top framed stud?
5. Can I just use the regular blue plastic box to mount the outlets or do I need to use metal boxes?
6. Also have question regarding plumbing for the vent stack: I have no problem taking a fan exhaust out to the house but do not know, how to take vent stack out to roof. Can I just connect all three vents (sink, tub and toilets) and connect a main to an existing laundry vent stack?
Attached is my layout. Thanks

Note: Red circles are outlets, and circles with R are recessed lights, and 2x2 square boxes are Florescent lights.


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