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Basement wiring question

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I'm remodeling/finishing a basement. It has a separate circuit for lights (15amp), on one switch (no 3-way).

I'm replacing the 4 light outlets with 12 recessed lights, that I'd like to divide up into 3 separate circuits, each with its own dimmer switch.

So, I'd like to replace that existing one switch with a 3 way to provide power to the 3 dimmer switches - so I can use that 1 switch to cut power to all 3 "sub-circuits" (as I go up the stairs).

Can I do that? I was going to run a 14/3 wire from the switch to a ceiling box in the unfinished portion of the basement, and have 14/3 run from each dimmer switch to that as well (3 runs), and pig tail all the wires (4 in each pigtail, I guess) in that box, but it seems like a lot to pigtail 4 wires together (1 from power source switch and 3 from the dimmer switches). Or maybe there is some kind of power bar or connector I can use? I'm not sure. And then

I've attached a link to a crude drawing:

So at the point where the main switch meets all the dimmers I would have an electrical box where all the wires would pigtail together. Or maybe I can run the wires from the main switch to dimmer #1, and then short wires from #1 to #2 to #3 (parrallel-like?)

I hope this makes sense. Any advice? Is it legal/safe?

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