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Basement Wiring - Have this terminated wiring?

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New House )for me). Finishing part of the basement. Except for lights and one outlet controlled by switch by stairs, the pic is the only other wiring in the basement.

With Covid I am delaying getting a new breaker box installed. Hoping to extend to a partially closed in part of the basement for basic wall sockets.

Can someone tell me by looking at the pic if this is connected to the current switch (I have tried to trace and get lost in the ceiling).

Can I extend this? And where would I find a simple wiring diagram?



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Remove the wire caps (but keep the wires separated in their groups, you can also label the wires as 1,2,3)) and test for current.
If yes, see which breaker controls them.
Depending on what you'll find out, you can plan on what to do next.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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