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Basement wet

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Oh Boy! This has me freaking out!
Ok, Noticed that there was water laying under the washer & dryer in the laundry room in the basement. Not a huge ammount, about a cupful, mabe two. Thought the washer was leaking, but no sign of that happening. Pulled off a bit of drywall and found wet in there. Now, let me explain....
The guy that lived here since the house was built, had installed an outside wood burner, and there are a mass of pipes (No idea what they are for, don't use it) but there are two 1/2" pipes which run out through the concrete perimeter wall,(to where, I have no idea, certainly not towards the wood burner) and it seems to be through the holes for these that the wet is coming (now noticable due to the thaw) I checked the studwork around this area, and although damp in a couple of places, not soaking, or rotten, so this seems like it's not been going on forever. My question is, what do I do about this? Is waiting until it all dries out and then filling the gaps with that expanding foam (or similar) an option? Is there anything that I can do, or is this a job for a pro? I haven't touched the damp proof membrane (next to the concrete) don't want to make things worse!
Help please!:cry:
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How deep are the pipes underground outside? Is there a way you can dig them up by hand (assuming no patio, deck, driveway, etc.. over them) & patch the foundation from the outside? If you can, I would suggest a hydraulic cement or tar around the penetrations.
Hi and thanks for your reply. They don't seem so deep(I'd have buried them deeper that that, given the cold winters!) but I have no idea where they go. All I know is that i have a concrete path/ breezeway outside in the vacinity of where the pipes seem to go. I did read that there is a cement (Hydraulic cement??) that expands as it dries. I might try that. There is also a gap between the path and house, I was considering trying to get that sealed up during the summer, as I believe it is run off that has started this problem. Still, I don't know what he was thinking by not plugging up ANY gap left by putting in these pipes!:icon_confused:
Better yet, patch with hydraulic cement, let it drie, & cake it full of tar! Just make sure the ground between the house & sidewalk has a few inches of pitch away from the house.
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