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Basement wet Bar Drain

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Hi guys, I apologize in advance if this has been posted elsewhere however, I couldnt find any examples that relate specifically to my scenerio. I am in the process of finishing my basement and adding a wet bar. I had a question on tying into the existing drain. The sink will be almost center to two existing drains. On the right is the drain from the kitchen sink one floor above. The distance from the p-trap of my new sink to the drain is about 58 inches. On the left I have the drain from my washer and dryer which is about 62 inches. You can see i've put a 1.5 inch abs pipe from my new sink to the drain of the kitchen since its a little closer. Nothing glued or perminantly set at this point. Both the kitchen and washer drains are also 1.5 inches. Picture attached.

Here are my questions:

1) Can I tie into these drains? if so do i use a sanitary T (pictured but not glued) or a Wye?
2) Can I wet vent into the same drain i'm connecting into? Branch vertical up from new sink drain into kitchen sink drain
3) What are other venting options?
4) Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

For info I live in Ontario, Canada.

Any help would be apprecaited and if I can help clarify anything then please ask. Thanks in advance.


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Sure as long as you vent your new sink to the floor above as a tie in point.
I dug this up

2.5.9. Air Admittance Valves
(See A- in Appendix A.) Air Admittance Valve as a Vent Terminal

1) Individual vents
may terminate with a connection to an air admittance valve as provided in Articles and (See also Sentence Air Admittance Valves

1) Air admittance valves
shall only be used to vent
a)fixtures located in island counters,
b)fixtures that may be affected by frost closure of the vent due to local climatic conditions,
c)fixtures in one- and two-family dwellings undergoing renovation, or
d)installations where connection to a vent may not be practical.

2) Air admittance valves shall be located
a)not less than 100 mm above the horizontal branch drain or fixture drain being vented,
b)within the maximum developed length permitted for the vent, and
c)not less than 150 mm above insulation materials. Installation Conditions

1) Air admittance valves
shall not be installed in supply or return air plenums, or in locations where they may be exposed to freezing temperatures.

2) Air admittance valves shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer`s installation instructions.

3) Air admittance valves shall be rated for the size of vent pipe to which they are connected.

4) Installed air admittance valves shall be
a)accessible, and
b)located in a space that allows air to enter the valve.

5) Every drainage system shall have one vent that terminates to the outdoors in conformance with Sentence

You can use an Air Admittance Valve in a existing house renovation. Just make sure you place it under the bar so it can be replaced as needed.
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