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basement waterproofing

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i would like to waterproof my basement, as water rises from underneath and only one side of the wall. i know a little like french drains from the outside to divert the water (too expensive, regarding excavators) french drains inside the house (possibility) i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of SANI-TRED, they sell the DIY water proofing chemicals. i looked them over but was wondering if anyone has ever heard of them. their products seem to make sense and seems easy but was wondering if anyone has ever done or heard of products like this. thanks
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I would never use the product unless there was noting else available at any price.

This may be more than you were looking for ....but here's my 2 cents....a few years ago I went through a rather exhaustive effort to 'water proof' my basement, here's what I learned:

The solution really depends on what your actually seeing - standing water or damp(wet) spots...
If its standing water and your really serious about permanently solving your water (Hydrostatic) issue you will need to install some sort of mitigation system that actually moves the water away from your basement. Applying a barrier product like SaniTred is a good idea but not enough, I would consider that an insurance policy. These products, from what I've researched on various forums, can't stop Hydrostatic pressure. If your considering finishing your basement then do it right and install a french drain and sump pump, even if you only do it from the inside. There's other products that have you drill weep holes in the basement walls and drain water that way. I''m not a fan on bringing the water into my basement to then pump it out. Once you finish the basement(if that's what your considering) you'll only have headaches/expenses later with mold, etc

If Hydrostatic water pressure is not your main concern but moisture is. You need to pay attention to how you finish your basement. Basically the ground temp will stay constant and as you heat/cool your basement you will get condensation in the form of humidity/moisture in your basement. I did three things when I finished my basement since this was my main issue. I applied a single coat of waterseal(Tuff-n-Dry) to the basement walls, then glued 3" thick close cell foam board to the wall. This insulates the basement wall from the conditioned air space. Then my 2x4 wall were built leaving a 1" air gap between the interior wall and the foam board. I then insulated the 2x4 wall with R14 faced insulation. This seems like a lot but the basement humidity is low and there is no humid /damp feeling in the basement. But staring with a product like SaniTred or Tuff-n-drry is fine, but keep in mind they will not stop condensation/humidity which left unaddressed will cause mold issues.
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