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Recently purchased new house (Friday) and the basement is finished. The prior owners had dogs so the downstairs carpet has been pulled. The basement is dry, there is no indication of water problems and the property has a french drain system with a sump around the outside of the house.

With that introduction out of the way, in the biggest basement "living room" there was a concrete floor heave. It is pretty normal in my area due to high clay content in the soil. I had the heave inspected and it was determined to be cosmetic problem only. The issue is that the concrete floor is now uneven.

Given the size of the room, (300 sq feet), I was planning on installing a sleeper subfloor using treated lumber, osb or plywood, and some rigid foam (maybe). My concern is that the basement stairs end in this room.

If I end up building a sleeper subfloor will I need to redo the stairs? Since the floor could be raised by 2 inches or so will I be creating a trip hazard since the very bottom step would no longer be the same size as the other steps?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Bump- Funny, I am here researching that same question

Finishing my basement is in my future plans so I will also have this concern. Altho my floor will be rised just an inch where the stairs lands, I was wondering how people get around this?? I was thinking, in my case, just redoing the bottom 4 stairs, adjusting them 1/4 inch each progressively in order to hide the difference in the last step.

Any Ideas ???

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