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Basement Staircase

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I have begun tomy basement however the stairs into it will be going into what will be an unfinished portion (utility room). Opposite from the main level entrance to the basement stairs is a small closet. My plan is to turn the staircase 180 degrees so you will then enter the stairwell from where to closet currently is an convert the onl stairway opening into a kitchen pantry. My concern is not building the stairs or new closet however the stairwell ceiling is currently sloped to the same angle as the stairs. The plan would be to change the direction of the ceiling slope to match the new staircase or just open up the entire stairwell with no slope at all. The issue I worry about is what my be behind the sloped ceiling currently. Other than an electrical outlet on one of the walls shared with this space it does not look like their would be anything behind it however it seems like a lot of waster space for the house to have if there is nothing behind it. ANy suggestions in figuring out what may be behind this sloped ceiling? (Plan now is to cut hole into back of closet wall to inspect or through attic access.) Home was built in 1964 and is a Ranch. Thanks
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The issue I worry about is what my be behind the sloped ceiling currently.
Ayuh,.... As I asked in yer other thread in the other forum, What's above that area upstairs,..??
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