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Basement renovation for Home Gym

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Hello friends.
I'm new to the forum and I'd like to get a couple of suggestions from you experts.

I attached some pictures so you can see the mess :devil3:
My questions are:

1- what should I do on the walls?
2- what about the ceiling?
3- the pavement? concrete?

What I want is just a cool opened space, no special things needed. I have some work skills but if needed I'll have some men of the job to help me out.
On the floor I'll put some gym rubber mat.

I know I've been pretty vague so feel free to ask anything you want.

Thank you for your patience :smile:


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Poured floor with vapor barrier, insulate the walls, maybe punch in a couple of window for some more light, drywall the walls after the insulation is fine. If you are going to be running some dumbells, a piece of large base trim out of flat stock is probably fine to keep them drywall from getting banged up.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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