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Hello From Fargo, ND

I am going to respond to your first post briefly the method you were looking at pursuing is a very effective method with the extruded on the walls, framing off the extruded an inch with 2x4 framing adding fiberglass insulation faced and then placing the rock or whatever wall covering you chose. Very effective very warm and very water resistant.

Now for your last post

The other posters have covered some essential elements about your project. The intended reason that permits and inspections are required is to prevent situations that you are facing right now. You have come here stating that the project is 40% complete if there would have been a permit the previous individual would have been required to finish it and if they didn't the codes department would have pursued them. The inspector should have noticed that there was no bottom plate and tagged the project during the framing inspection. Also other disasters or misnomers would have been corrected and so now you are left holding the bag.

Getting a permit is your own prerogative however like was stated before if you don't and someone finds out you will or may be liable. I would encourage you to get permits on a project of this magnitude so that you also ensure that you do the work correctly. Many of the inspectors are very easy to work with and will help you get it right. They aren't;t going to design it for you by any means but they will answer questions if you bounce it off of them. Codes also vary so widely from municipality to municipality that it is best to check on the different phases of the project and ensure that you do it correctly and up to code.

Yes, you may need a permit to fix it you might not. Some permits are required for any work to be performed some permits are required if a project involves more than two trades (if you were insulating, framing, sheet rocking and painting you would have 4 trades and therefore you need a permit. Some municipalities do not require a building permit because they are in a town the size of yours and the only people at city hall are Betty the receptionist, Joe the Mayor and John the police chief and entire force however a larger county or town in the state may mandate a couple municipalities not just one. So as far as needing a permit that is for you to determine and as far as what can and can't be done and whether or not you will go get a permit to repair or remodel is also for you to determine. As far as making you fix stuff, that is up to the inspector and yourself to determine. These inspectors are not monsters they are just people doing a job they were hired to do. be on the up and up with them and they will treat you fair.

Take care and be safe!
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