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Why tar paper a basement cement wall?:huh: I recently saw Mike Holmes Tar Paper a bare cement wall, but I can't remember why he did it? Was it as a vapor barrier or because of some kind of problem with wood contacting it? I recently tore down a dry walled basement wall and found 2x2's on the wall. A friend said leave the 2x2's and take 2x4's - lay them flat behind the 2x2's and use some kind of "gun" to drive a nail into the boards and the concrete. We are trying to support a new flat panel TV. He said if I built up the 2x4's (laying flat) on the wall and it was anchored on the wall to the concrete- we would be ok. My question- is with all of the wood laying right on the concrete wall-why tar paper a basement cement wall if wood will be right on it?
Thanx ahead of time for the help!
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