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Basement Remodel Advice/Comments?

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Im in the process of finalizing the layout of my unfinished basement and I have made up some drawings (to scale in inches) of what I have to deal with. The big issues of where the rooms will go is not really up for discussion being that the bathroom is already roughed in for plumbing for the bath, toilet and sink. The bathroom was the typical rectangle 5x8' layout, but after trying to make the storage room next to it I ran into a constraint between where the upper right corner of the bathroom would be in regards to the support pole - it was way to close and had no room to put a door (even a very small one). This is what lead me to the angled wall in the bathroom and is what I'm looking to get some advice on - does the bathroom layout I have here make sense? Is it up to code (MN)?

Any advice in general to how I have it laid out?

- After attaching my layouts I have to say that the quality of the image is not what it looks like on the origonal pic...sorry



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body maneuvering around that door while leaving the bath may be challenging. the person will have to find the spot(to stand in) that the door still swings shut or open. Oh, your blue line is not a door swing indicator but rather a radius indicator. figure out which way works best for door swing, and I've had to work out many angled bath walls with doors in them but I do not know code for your area. the door could swing out into the hall toward the storage room??
Yea, I didnt think about being out of the way of the door to close it once your IN the bathroom. Maybe I can look into a smaller door or swinging it out it to the hallway. So, on that note - I think its a good idea, but I have never seen a bathroom door that swings out into the hallway and my wife hates the idea bc she hasn't either. Can anyone give me some examples to show its not that odd? or help me explain why its not a bad idea. Thanks.
for door layout a nail with a string on it (pivot point) cannot be beat to find how the door will swing in the space. draw the wall out on the floor or use painters tape to draw it out and then work with the door in relation to the surrounding space around and in the bathroom. you could find good descriptive angled bath wall door swing pics (layout) in " bing " too..

doors open out into hallways all the time as well and usually open to the dead wall, in your case the dead wall is the storage room door.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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