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Basement poured in 2001 - do I have drain tile around the perimeter?

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My house had the original walls extended out by 8 feet.
This means new basement walls were poured in.
I do not have a sump pit
My house does have sufficient grade to allow for a daylight drain for the foundation.

What are the odds that my foundation has drain tile I can dig down, locate and tie a new sump pump into?

There has been some extensive dirt moving in the backyard and if I had a daylight drain it could be blocked, cause I am now having water problems.
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That could go either way----Is the original contractor still in business? If so a phone call to ask them to check their records would save you a lot of digging.

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I dug down to the foot on the outside of the house.
Close to the footer was some gravel.
Down along the side of the footer was gravel.
Within 12 inches of the footer I did not see any drain tile.

I dug inside the basement close to the wall.
After the cement, there is a decent amount of gravel.
I dug the gravel down to clay, there was no drain tile.

I had water under the cement in the basement. No water on the outside of the foundation.

I am thinking the easiest at this point is to add drain tile to the permitter of the basement.
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