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Basement posts for staircase

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I would like to replace an old post in the basement supporting the stairs (probably the basement stairs and main level stairs). I want to replace it because it seems to be in the wrong location and i would like more space in a tight spot.

It is supporting the stairs on a joist that is already supported by the main beam (see photo). I believe the post should be on the first joist that has been cut in order to have built the stairs.

My question is about the type of jack posts I can use to support the stairs. Do these have to be single structure posts or can I use adjustable telescoping (2 piece) posts? Any help, thoughts, comments would help me out greatly.


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Show us the floor joists that that pole is holding up----and the beam that you mentioned--

Right now,that column is not very strong and needs help----
Back up and take another picture so we can see the framing at the top.
That support under the post is all wrong, should have been a header between the floor joist so it was fully supported not just sitting 1/2 way on a stack of wood.
There should have been a footing under it all the way down to the ground.
With a longer coloum all that blocking could have been done away with.
They are right side up on my monitor--------
do these help?

in the photos below the post with the 2x8 braced together is holding a joist that runs from the foundation to the main beam which can see in the other photo that is held up by a properly used and placed beam.

The photo with the staircase support should show you the joists in question along with the staircase itself.


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here is another shot from the ground looking up. I believe the post should be on the joist beside the post to support it because that joist has been cut . the joist that the post is on currently runs all the way to the support beam.


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That column is really important----the rim joist along the stair opening is supported by a single floor joist--and that post---without that post,right where it is--you will need to triple up the supporting ,single, floor joist---

That is a guess---you need someone with structural/framing knowledge to look at it---
My stars, I don't know where to start, you really need to get someone there to see that in person, you have more than just the post to worry about.
Supports done wrong like that are the main reason most old houses have sagging floors all around the stairway.
Amazing it did not just pop out and tip over.
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