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basement post removal

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I am in need of some advise, can anyone help. I built a house 2yrs ago, and I am planing to finishing my basement. I have one area that i would like to remove a post. Heres what it looks like now 19ft I beam, one end sits on foundation the other end on a post, and the 3rd post is about 4ft from the end post, this is the one I want removed. I have 2x12 floor joints that meat on top of the I beam. I was thinking I could put new I beams on either side of the one and post at either end. I would really like to find a pro for this job. My builder is know longer around.
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That post is there because the beam only safely spans to there. To change anything, I recommend consulting a Structural Engineer, locally. We are talking possibly thousands of pounds, here. Be safe, G
This is the type of thing you really need a structural engineer to determine the requirements.
find a structural engineer

where can i find a structural engineer, I am in Toledo Ohio I want to remove a post in basement. I have called a couple of places, and have not gotten anywhere. Is their a builder/engineer.
I got references for a few at my local lumberyard.

I had a so called architect come to look at my project. I want to remove a post in my basement. He suggested that we would remove the 8 inch I beam and put in a 12inch. it is roughly a 17ft span one end is sported by the cement wall and the other end is supported with a post and one in the middle.
So you want the opinion of people who haven't seen the house to comment on whether this is appropriate after a trained Architect has made a determination?
A better idea would be to bring in another so called trained expert to give an opinion and see if they agree.
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