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basement partition walls

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I am re-finishing the basement a previous HO started, and am removing the wood paneling and installing moisture resistant drywall instead. I have some partition walls separating the living space from the basement space and was wondering if I should use moisture resistant drywall on that too or if i am ok just using normal rock? Basement is mostly water-tight but there is a little moisture here and there (working on remediating that too). I just don't want to regret anything down the road, but don't want to spend money unnecessarily if I can avoid it (which is why I'm doing the work myself).

Also, would you insulate the wall too? Foam board cut into the spaces or bats?

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I'd use the mold resistant stuff. I just gutted my basement. It was remodeled about 10 years ago. The prior owner built interior and exterior walls. I found mold behind almost all of the drywall. It was not good. Granted, there was no vapor barrier or insulation anywhere, so I can't just blame the drywall.

I'm redoing it properly, and I'm using the mold resistant drywall everywhere as a precaution. No matter how well you insulate, you're going to get some moisture in a basement. Why take a chance for a few $ more per sheet.
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