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Basement interior windows - best caulk to use?

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Hey everyone,

I purchased a bungalow last year and I am finally getting around to fixing up the basement. The previous owners look like they did a crappy job patching up the cracks on the interior side of the basement windows. Well, maybe I shouldn't say crappy.

My plan is to properly caulk the interior of the window frame, and then paint it. I have no idea what type of sealer or caulk the previous owners used. It looks clear, and in some parts, it looks as if some paint or dust got dried into it.

Some questions:

1) What type of caulking do you suggest I use? I did some research and I'm leaning toward GE Silicone II.
2) Can I paint over the caulk/sealer that the previous owners used?
3) Any other pieces of advice/suggestions before I get started?

Here are the pictures of one of the windows in the basement. They all look pretty much the same....

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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If you want to paint it, you cannot use your standard silicones and silicone is not usually the preferred sealant of most window installers.

On the interior side of things, your requirements are less arduous because it should not be exposed to weather or as much of the UV degradation.

That caulking job there is a bit of a hot mess.

You are going to spend a decent amount of time cleaning that off and if you are keeping those wood jambs, probably better suited to just rip off those old stops and try to clean the window.

If you are painting it white, I would just pull off that old interior stop and install a large enough one to cover the old caulking and paint it. Seal any gaps prior to installing the stop with caulking and/or combination of foam.
Thanks for the reply. But what if I didn't want to remove anything. What are my options so that I can seal up any interior gaps and then paint the window?

I'm not concerned with the exterior because I plan to get a pro to properly re-caulk them in a couple of months.
Decent acrylic latex is fine. Doesn't have to be anything exotic for the inside.
Any recommendations for a specific, good quality acrylic latex caulk? I've used DAP before in the past, but just for baseboards. I don't mind spending a few extra bucks to make sure that it doesn't crack or attract dust/dirt.
DAP Dynaflex is pretty good stuff.
I'm worried that the original owners used silicone caulking on the windows. I've read that some people have used Coverstain or BIN on top with some success.

Right now I seem so confused and I'm not sure what to do. Should I do a small test to see if the Coverstain will stick to what is already there, and then fill in the holes with the Dynaflex?

Or should I fill gaps with Dynaflex first, and then paint?

Will the Dynaflex stick to silicone caulking (if that is what is already on the windows)?
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