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Basement insulation

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Unfortunately hurricane Sandy forced me into a complete basement remodel. My basement has a poured concrete foundation which I would like to spray with Ames Blue Max while I have everything exposed. After applying the blue max (which forms a vapor barrier), what kind of insulation would everyone suggest? Should I use a rigid foam? The basement usually stays dry, the only way I got water in was because my Whole neighborhood flooded and our sewers backed up.

Thank you in advance
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Is the waterproofing mainly for peace of mind, another future similar incident? I'd spend the money on foamboard rather than a vapor barrier. Foam board, thick enough to prevent condensation is suggested by BSC:

If near New Brunswick, NJ, your average annual low temps are 46* above grade. Without any f.b, just R-13 cavity in a wood frame wall, at 70* you'd be good to 46%RH. R-5 (1"f.b.) =good to 55%RH, 2" (R-10)= 60%RH.

Have you figured your heat loss/savings yet:

Page 69, and find your wall make-up:

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