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Basement insulation question

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Hi there,

I currently have an unfinished basement that I am going to finish. I've been researching insulation methods and am particularly looking into whether or not to insulate the ceiling before putting up the drywall ceiling.

The main floor of my house is always colder than upstairs and I suspect much of this is due to the cold basement and heat transfer between the floors. I will only be finishing half of the basement and will only be insulating the walls in that section. However, in the unfinished section, there is a vented window outside of the boiler room (for the furnace) in a storage area and that area is cold. Should I insulate the ceiling in this unfinished storage area to help keep the room above it warm? Will this work?

Thanks for your help
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If the basement is conditioned, the primary reason would be to help with soundproofing.

Insulation between conditioned walls or floors is not really necessary as you should be keeping the temps in the conditioned spaces consistent.

Look up about air sealing and insulation and insulate the basement walls properly along with air sealing the ribbon boards and the basement should be nice and warm at that point.
My ceilings are low in my basement so I don't want to compromise space not really sure which way to go at this point. I'd love to Sheetrock, but hate not having access to ceiling. Suspended ceiling going to lower the ceiling and just painting black not going to give me any sound proofing or that solid living space feel. We shall see, thanks for post/info
Take a look at this thread in the General Forum.

Here is the direct link to the grid ceiling:

And a picture of it installed.

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