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Basement full of water

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Ok So I get a call from a person that told me "my sump pump is not working" went into basement and waded through the water and PLUGGED in the sump pump. Water starts pumping and she is happy... 2 days later I get a call that the pump wont stop pumping and could I come take a look.... absolutely and out I go at mid night... Water is pouring through the ceiling in the basement. SO I tell her she has a broken pipe and she wanted to know why I did not fix it last time nd I explained nicely it was not leaking then.........and she said.......................................................................................................................... OH YOU THINK I AM DUMB? I TURNED THE WATER OFF BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO RISK GETTING SHOCKED WHILE PLUGGING IN THE SUMP PUMP? AND I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT IF I WAS A PROFESSIONAL :eek:

Is itt to early to go back to bed?
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She was my second favorite customer this week.... My first was a woman that calls the office to tell the staff she will be paying in cash it will be 4-$50's 3-$20's...etc all the way down to the penny because she does not trust plumbers.... Ummm SHE CALLS IN FRONT of the plumber!!!! I will admit i like her though she is sweet to them when they are there she even said to thhe guy the other day he need to get some meat on those bones and while doing the work made him 2 Sandwiches and 12 homemade chocolate chip cookies to take with him
New note: Having finished my thread response I had a call from a customer to quote on a simple job. The husband wants to be there so they don't get ripped off. Now I ask, if the husband knows if he's getting ripped off - it would seem that he knows what he is doing to do it himself. I love this part of the job!

I have had those also! My favorite is when the husband gets you alone and goes "Can you give me a price about $300 high and it will look like you discounted it when I negotiate..." or something along those lines...

My usual approach when someone things I am going to rip them off is I write the price on a sheet of paper and do not let them see it. I then ask what they think it should cost. I would say 7 out of 10 times they are close if not higher than where I am and they seem more comfortable. If they are not close then I know it right away. This is especially good with some religions that do not allow you to be rude to a guest nomatter what.
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