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Basement framing assistance

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I am finishing my basement so I would like to create a separate room for my hot water heater and furnace. I plan on installing some passive vents and a louvered door so the furnace get's it ventilation.

The back is already framed, sides aren't much of a concern, but the front is where I need help. I'm thinking the front wall will be about a foot in front of the water heater and parallel the entire length. I would like to install the door in between the water heater and the furnace.

Looking at the duct work above could I frame this front wall and make it sturdy?


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Run a top plate to the gas line, then box around the duct without putting screws into it.
The framing in back of the utilities and above them should be covered with a firecode sheetrock, taped and compounded.
The boiler and hot water heater each have clearances you must follow. Add to that some space so it can be worked on properly.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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