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I have a walk-out basement that has old sheet lenolium flooring, which is flat and has no cuts or air pockets anywhere.

The room is damp but the dehumidifier does a good job of keeping up with the humidity.

Do you think the lenolium will act as an appropriate moisture barrier for those sticky vinyl tiles? Or, would I be better off putting down floating laminate flooring that has a built-in moisture barrier?


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Linoleum over Linoleum

Hi -

I don't think vinyl tiles are the way to go. It won't adhere well, and It will most likely come up after time. If you want to go over an existing basement linoleum floor, that's in good shape and not peeling up, then a laminate floor with a moisture barrier( just use clear plastic drop cloth from a hardware store) will be sufficient. Plus it will look and feel so much better. Just keep the dehumidifier on! Good luck!
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