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I had an issue with water seeping up through my basement floor in the front corner of my house as well as through ther cinderblock wall. I addressed the wall issue from the outside but I still have some seepage from under the floor. My house was built on ledge and the water seems to be following the ledge under the floor. There is a crack about 2 feet from the front wall and about 20 feet in length. I broke up the concrete about 6 inches past the crack and am in the process of digging out the dirt. (The concrete was very soft and the dirt underneath is saturated) My plan is to fill the hole back in with crushed stone and pour a new slab that will tie into the existing slab. A few questions, 1) can I/ should I put a vapor barrier over the stone and pour concrete over that? 2) do I need to add rebar or any reinforcement, the existing slab had none, and 3) what is the best product to bond old concrete to new.
Sorry about the long post, I appreciate any input.
Thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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