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I have lived in my current home for 6 years now. When I moved in the basement was finished (poorly), but had carpeting. There were 2 bedrooms and a family room and some utility space. Right away we started noticing an odor coming form the basement but coudn't pin point the source. It was a light foul sewar odor.

Then two years ago I decided to start redoing the basement and started with the demo. When I removed the carpet there was extensive cracking in the concrete and stains eminating form the cracking and sometimes just appearing on their own. The stains are a brown color. I also have two heave lines both approximately 1-1.5 inches in lift.

Wanting to get this basement finished I recently had someone from basement systems come out and their opinion was that a sewar line may have broken under the foundation. They suggested getting the lines scoped and going from there.

Today I had the lines scoped and there did not appear to be any damage to the sewar lines. I will add though that the plumber thought that some of the underground connections were loose with gaps in the connections.

What now? I am considering cutting away the ares that have staining and see what has caused it. The reason for my enquiry is that we may be selling this house and I don't want to leave a new buyer with a problem. Plus I just think it is a prudent way to sell a house.
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