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Hi. I'm renovating my basement and we are getting close to putting carpet in. I have two things in the floor that I planning on living with but now that I'm getting close to finishing I'm having second thoughts and would like to know my options for what I can do.

First thing: I've got a square plastic stub sticking out of the ground. I would assume it's some type of pipe cap.

Send thing: I've got a copper pipe that comes up from the floor and does an immediate turn that goes right through the concrete foundation wall.

I would prefer to get rid of both. Any idea what they are and what I could do with them?


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The copper pipe looks to be a water line. Can't tell whether it is coming in from under the floor or diving under the floor to feed something across the basement.
The plastic square would need to be opened or removed to investigate what it is. Drain is the most likely option.
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