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Basement Floor after tile removal

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I just removed about 800 sq. ft of old VAT tiles from my basement floor. I was just going to go over them, but they popped off so easily in whole pieces I decided that removing them was the best course of action.

After removing the tiles I now have a musty mildew type smell. What do I do to get rid of this? This musty smell was never present before removing the tiles.

Do i just clean the floor with a bleach/water mix?

After cleaning I plan to install this Vinyl Plank flooring from Lowes. It is a full plank self adhesive vinyl product that from what I can see has gotten good reviews. I chose to go this route for cost and the fact that the HD allure product has gotten horrible reviews.

Do I need to then prime the floor or seal it with something before installing my planks?
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After more reading i feel like I just made a huge mistake taking these tiles up. The floor itself was decent enough I should have just sealed them in and went over top. I figured since they just popped so easily that any floor going over wouldn't be stuck good enough either and I would just be wasting money.

Whats done is done. I wore a mask and gloves, hopefully since there wasn't too much breakage its not that bad. Ugh I am so upset right now. I should have done more research.
Do a moisture test after you kill the possible mold. If it is mold you can pick up good strength mold killer at most paint stores. Moisture will ruin your plank floor long term.
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